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What Happens to My Term-Life Insurance If I Don’t Die?

Unfortunately, many people don’t read the fine print when they sign up for a term life insurance policy. Their main focus tends to be on the lower premiums, and while these policies are great for people who only need certain surety, they have drawbacks that make them less than ideal for everyone. Here’s everything to…
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6 Factors That Will Affect Your Life Insurance Premium

Introduction Buying a life insurance policy is a great strategy to safeguard your loved ones financially in the event of your untimely death. It can be difficult to make sense of the many variables that go into determining the cost of life insurance and the parts of an application that could increase or decrease your premium.
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3 Common Reasons Why Insurers Deny Life Insurance Claims

Introduction Having life insurance is smart for those who want to give their family members a cushion in the event of their unexpected passing. The money could be used to settle outstanding bills (such as a mortgage or school loans), cover final expenses, or be set aside as an inheritance.
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What Is Final Expense Insurance? An Ultimate Guide

Introduction While funeral and other end-of-life expenses may seem like something that might be budgeted for in advance, they often come as a surprise to families who lost loved ones. GoBankingRates reports that, based on where you reside, the cost of passing away can be anywhere between $18,000 to over $42,000.
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Can You Still Get Life Insurance If You Have Been Denied?

A life insurance policy can make a huge difference when it’s needed, but considering that it’s a lot of money, it’s not so easy to get one. Many people get denied after multiple applications, but that doesn’t mean you should give up.
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Can I Still Buy Life Insurance If I Have Cancer?

According to the United States Cancer Statistics, there were 1,752,735 cancer cases in 2019. The consequences of this disease are often hefty and tragic, so it is little wonder that families wish to seek financial protection against cancer.
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Does Life Insurance Cover Deaths Due to Medical Conditions, such as COVID-19?

Life insurance provides financial security and stability to a person’s beneficiaries after their demise. The policy a person buys pays a death benefit to families for most causes of death, including accidents, medical conditions, terminal illnesses, natural causes, and pandemics—but what about conditions such as COVID-19? Let’s find out about this.
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5 High-Risk Jobs That Can Make Getting Life Insurance Tough

Introduction It’s important to remember that insurance firms regularly assess risk when providing coverage to their clients as one of the fundamental life insurance principles. To evaluate whether or not you qualify for life insurance coverage, they will calculate your premiums based on several factors.
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Should I Buy Life Insurance for Children?

Every parent wants what’s best for their child. Financial security plays a major part in it, and besides getting them the best education possible, a reliable life insurance policy is important. Many people assume that life insurances are only for adults, but they have major advantages for kids as well. Here’s all you need to…
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I Think I Partnered with the Wrong Life Insurance Company. What Do I Do?

Life insurance policies help policyholders provide for their families financially after they leave this world. Like property and vehicle insurance, life insurance gives policyholders comfort by ensuring their loved ones are provided for financially in the event of their untimely demise. Life insurance consumers may occasionally consider changing insurance companies in search of alternate policy terms or higher levels…
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