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About our founder

My name is Darrell Franklin, founder/CEO here at Franklin Life and Annuity. As an experienced professional specializing in protecting families from potential risks involved when dealing directly with their loved ones’ well-being, ensuring they have peace knowing there’s someone else looking out for them.

Franklin Life & Annuity (FLAA) is proud to be the premier life insurance agency in Houston, Texas. In addition, we specialize in providing fixed index annuities along with funeral service plans and health plans to serve our local and national communities. (FLAA) has been providing award-winning service since 2002 and will continue putting your interests first by working closely together on personalized solutions that meet all of your needs and expectations so you can live comfortably no matter what happens in your health or retirement future.

Our Duty

As an independent life agency, we must provide our clients with the best possible insurance solutions for their unique situations. That means being transparent and committed to finding the right policy based on your needs and budget. Furthermore, it is essential to establish trust with our clients so that they feel confident in our ability to help them protect their families and their finances. In addition to our commitment to our clients, we must also be advocates for the insurance industry. We must educate consumers on the importance of being adequately insured and work to dispel any myths about insurance. By doing this, we can help improve the industry’s reputation as a whole and ensure client satisfaction.

We go the extra mile for you!

Franklin Life and Annuity
Franklin Life and Annuity
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Francesca Joubert
Deborah Brisco
In my life time I had the opportunity to deal with many Insurance Agents.Mr Franklin is an amazing Agent. He’s well knowledge about the different kind of insurance available to fit the needs of the customer. Mr. Franklin take time to reach out and explain the various benefits of life insurance available to his clients. He periodically check up with his clients to make sure everything is in place and beneficial for them. I highly recommend Mr. Franklin to my family and friends. I always look forward to having a friendly honest conversation with Mr.Franklin. His heart is with his clients. 💯💯⭐️⭐️
Shirley Orange
Mr. Franklin has been my insurance person for 15+ years. Purchasing life insurance can be very confusing, especially if you don't understand the many policies and companies out there. After speaking with Mr. Franklin on that first visit in 2005, I felt more at ease and understood all of my options given my circumstances. He made the initial sign up easy and I didn't feel stressed. He checks on me at least twice a year to make sure everything is going well. I haven't had an issues with my policy and feel good knowing my family is covered. It's hard to find a trustworthy individual who takes a personal interest in his customers but that is what Mr.Franklin does. He has shown this to me year after year. I have also referred my sister to him as well.
Gayla Ramar
I’d like to give a special shout-out to Darryl Franklin because as an insurance agent he was outstanding. He was my mom insurance agent and she passed away in October after which he kept in close as contact with me. My brother and I were her beneficiaries and there was a problem or hold up with our insurance benefits claim. Darryl checking in with me monthly as well as called the insurance company to see what the problem was. This process took 6 months, which he said he’d never seen it take so long. He’s also been helpful to me with a quote for insurance on my child. He was very pleasant to work with and I would highly recommend him to others.
Tomeka Smith
Mr Franklin was the best he was very knowledgeable about different types of insurance and what would be ideal for my family
sandra “MS. San” baker
Would highly recommend for all your insurance needs. Super professional
Annette Surgers
He is very professional, honest, makes sure you understand and are clear on what you are getting.
Staci Jenkins
Debra Green
Life Insurance is a part if life it is necessary and a must have it will come a time we will all be in need of it. Insurance Agent Mr. Franklin is very diligent in what he does, he's Informative, Professional and Responsive he make it his business to keep in contact with his customers to insure there well being or if they may have questions concerning there policy as for as making changes or searching for a more sufficient policy that fits there needs. My husband and I are very pleased with our Agent Mr. Franklin's work he would be a great access to anyone in need of his services
debra franklin
Darrell Franklin has been my life insurance agent for over 10 years and he is someone who you can trust. I