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About our founder

I am Darrell Franklin, founder of Franklin Life and Annuity (FLAA) for over 18 years. As an award-winning professional life and retirement income specialist, I am very passionate about protecting families and ensuring that you and your family’s best interests are our priority. I can provide life insurance and annuity solutions for most people even after being diagnosed with severe preexisting health issues. We offer life insurance from 0-85 yrs of age with over 20 A/A+ rated carriers across the country. We will continue to put the needs of our clients first. We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best insurance rates. We access many of the top-rated life insurance companies, we can find the lowest rates available. Call us or complete our quote request form and, we’ll be in touch shortly.

Our Duty

After becoming a licensed life and health insurance agent in January of 2002, I worked as a debit agent where I had hands-on experience selling life, health, fire, and accident insurance and handling claims. During those two years, I decided to make this a career because I love providing value and peace of mind. In 2004 I became an independent agent, always deciding to put my client’s needs first. Ensure clients are being provided with information regarding the features of a policy, having integrity, and providing the best insurance solutions for each unique situation. It is essential to establish transparency and commitment to exceed our client’s expectations. We can process applications virtually.

We will shop for you among the many carriers that we represent.

We go the extra mile for you!